Rapid urban population growth has increased demand for quantity and quality of mangoes. This report outlines the changes in consumption that are driving changes in marketing and production. The project involved 113 interviews with various value chain stakeholders (input suppliers, farmers, brokers, processors and wholesale, traditional and modern markets) in East Java and West Java—provinces that produce 61 per cent of Indonesia's mango production. The report details changes in consumer demand and subsequent impacts on marketing including the importance of wholesale markets and the increasing trend for modern retail markets, processors and exporters to procure directly from farmer groups. The process of mango production expansion tends to be via tree management consolidation (tree rental) then land expansion with a restructure towards more commercial operations. Demand for quality is also driving high quality variety expansion. The report highlights the necessity for 'sprayer trader' operations, characterised by vertical integration of tree renting and marketing and implementation of intensive production technologies to be able to meet growing demand.

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