This value chain analysis is an Annex of a larger report examining supermarket development in Indonesia. The analysis encompasses production in West Java through to retailers in Jakarta and reports on five main market chains: farmer-specialised wholesaler-supermarket; farmer-farmer group-specialised wholesaler-supermarket; farmer-traditional wholesaler-traditional wholesale market-traditional retailer; farmer-traditional wholesaler-specialised wholesaler-supermarket; and farmer-collector-traditional wholesaler-traditional wholesale market-traditional retailer. The role and function of each value chain participant is outlined. The report also contains a comparison of the five value chains in terms of the value added with the supply chains to supermarkets adding the most value (35-57%). The value chain analysis report also includes a summary of the econometric analysis (undertaken in another section of the larger report) comparing the share of the consumer price captured by farmers. The farmer group captured the highest share of consumer price (30%).

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