This report outlines global cashew market trends to inform planning for future Indonesian cashew programs. The report discusses global cashew trade including nut production, in shell cashew trade, cashew kernel supply, global cashew kernel imports and kernel prices. Drivers and trends in the global food market with potential impacts on cashew are outlined including, demographics and economic growth, prices and substitutions, national regulatory issues, private and ethical standards relating to hygiene and social and environmental responsibility, healthy eating choices and options for innovation. The report summarises kernel grades, certification requirements, value adding and innovation options for major import markets including, the US, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Japan and Australia. The limited methodology provided in the report indicates that the information on cashew import markets was sourced through stakeholder interviews. The report includes some discussion of by-products and alternative uses of cashew products such as cashew apple and cashew nut shell liquid. In concluding, the authors list key points based on the opportunities for suppliers in various regional markets, key production and consumption trends, regulatory issues and food grading standards and options for value adding.

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