This report identifies the constraints and growth opportunities for the Indonesian cocoa value chain and proposes potential solutions to these constraints for future investment in cocoa. A desktop analysis provided information on both the global and Indonesia cocoa value chain. Interviews with key value chain participants informed the rest of the analysis, while focus groups were held to validate initial findings. The authors propose three key areas to address growth constraints: increasing productivity, improving quality and increased investments for local value addition. A range of proposed solutions are listed relating to adoption of knowledge and technology, direct marketing and transparency, mechanisms to ensure quality standards, availability of credit and financial services throughout the value chain. Time constraints limited the extent to which these solutions were developed. The authors highlight the need to improve cocoa productivity and quality to maintain and increase global trade and investment in Indonesian cocoa. A series of appendices contain significant detail on the scope of the project, the roles and interaction of value chain participants, the shortlisting process, illustrative analysis of potential solutions and existing cocoa industry investment.

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