Cashew is a major source of income for most farmers on the island of Flores. This article details the experience of developing organic cashew nut production in four villages in Flores based on a joint project between VECO Indonesia and Swisscontact. The project aimed to help farmers optimize the potential for cashew nuts through organic certification while maintaining a low input system of production. The article describes how the two international NGOs collaborated with two Indonesian NGOs—Bangwita and YMTM—to enhance the capacity of selected farmers' groups to add value to their produce. Organic certification was viewed not only as a means of securing better markets, but also as a means to improve product quality in the long term. As a result of the project, all four participating farmers' groups secured international organic certification. Further achievements include farmer's enhanced understanding of the certification process and required documentation, as well as sustainable land management practices. The author notes that the process of linking to the market, however, remains a challenge.

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