The report examines the restaurant market as an opportunity for East Nusa Tengarra smallholders and identifies market chain issues and opportunities for development. Methodology involved initial feedback from value chain participants to identify a priority market sector for further analysis i.e. restaurant market. Farmer (n=102) and restaurant (n=50) surveys informed the restaurant market analysis. Detailed farmer survey data is presented in terms of household and farm characteristics, the pig supply chain and farmer perceptions and restaurant data in terms of restaurant characteristics, requirements, owner perceptions and consumer preferences. Several issues for pig farms and the pig industry as a whole are discussed. The author's outline their recommendations for future development including improving farmer technical and marketing skills and value chain communication systems. As taste and lean meat were most valued by consumers, improvement should include a quality differential payment system for farmers and farmer training in improved breeding and feeding practices to benefit these preferred characteristics. The authors also recommend the industry develop a strategic direction for the industry and farmer focused activities to assist with realisation of the industry's full potential.

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