Etawah crossbred dairy goats are easy to maintain and are capable of utilising the leaves of various food crops, legumes and crop wastes as feed. This paper explores the application of an integrated business model of Etawah crossbred dairy goats with cocoa through utilization of estate cocoa waste as goat feed in East Java. Research was conducted with 25 farmers in two villages in the highlands of Ngawi district, over a one year period in 2009. The research reveals that the most widely applied feeding approach that integrated cocoa was one that used field grasses (20 per cent), waste of food crops (15 per cent), leaves of legume crops (25 per cent) and pod cocoa meal molasses block (40 per cent). This composition produced a good range of weight gain and milk production, with an average of 100-125g/head/day and 1.00-1.25 litres/head/day, respectively. These levels are similar to those reported in another study (Riyanto et al., 2007), which examined the application of integrated farming systems through the utilization of local agricultural waste.

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