This report assesses the effectiveness of the PRIMA project in improving cocoa quality and the innovative approach used in establishing a quality driven supply chain with direct benefits to South Sulawesi smallholders. Interviews and questionnaires with a range of industry participants informed the report. The core component of the report details PRIMA project activities and how effective they were. Key areas where the PRIMA project was successful were: farmer organisation and the development of a quality driven supply chain model with direct market links between farmers, processor and global manufacturer; participatory research and an intensive extension approach; and advocacy of modified harvesting, pruning, sanitation and fertilization as fundamental to good farming practices with a 24 per cent increase in yield. Limitations of project activities are highlighted, particularly in relation to the research component. The authors note three key findings from the PRIMA project that would be beneficial to future development programs, namely technology transfer to address social and technical barriers to adoption, provision of a dedicated cocoa research presence and farmer group empowerment for technology transfer and improved marketing opportunities.

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