This report describes a collaboration between the NGO VECO, the leading global cocoa supplier Armajaro, and West Sulawesi farmers to develop direct market linkages and build on previous development work. The report briefly outlines the cocoa industry and the local cocoa chain and identifies key partners, their roles and activities. Testimonials from stakeholders provide comment on the process, benefits and challenges of the program. Benefits to farmers include improved production (up to 750kg/ha compared with an average of 500kg/ha, but potential for significant growth up to 2000kg/ha), better prices and income, terms and access to market and quality information. Sixty-seven farmer groups have qualified for UTZ certification providing another market opportunity. The report illustrates that collaborative programs can facilitate opportunities for traceability, production and quality improvements and that collective selling is a viable income source for organised farmer groups with improved productivity and quality. The report highlights the need for farmer organisations to become stronger and more organised at national and local levels to improve their bargaining capacity.

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