This program focused on improving the quantity and quality of smallholder cocoa production in Sulawesi, West Papua, North Sumatra and Bali as well as strengthening global cocoa value chain partnerships. Monitoring and evaluation data was collected through the program as well as through independent research and evaluations. The program had six categories of activity: Farmer Field Schools (FFS), Farmer Organisation, Communications Initiative, Farming as a Business, Side-grafting and Bio-control. The report outlines methodology and implementation, baseline data and evaluation for each of these activity categories. Cocoa pod borer management, particularly PsPSP, was a core part of the program. The program directly trained 100 000 farmers, and reached 270 000 indirectly through media. Results indicate improved pest management practices for trained farmers compared with untrained and improved production and estimated income of US$435/ha/year. Key challenges for the cocoa industry were highlighted as continued development of effective technology and training service provisions, and development of farm based incentives for improved cocoa quality.

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