This report contains a detailed characterisation and analysis of individual legume (soybean, peanut and mungbean) value chains in West Nusa Tenggara, East Java and East Nusa Tenggara and makes recommendations on development opportunities, possible partners and future research. Based on the M4P framework, the study involved primary information collected through value chain and field visits, as well as secondary information. Market-based solutions (MBS) were identified to address constraints as well as providers to partner in implementing MBS e.g. tofu and tempeh processors, snack food, seed and input supply companies, retailers, wholesalers and traders. Key pro-poor value chain development opportunities include MBS's; collaboration with Government support agencies; and illustrative project facilitation activities to support MBS. The report lists research areas to be addressed prior to designing any development program including those common to soybeans, mungbeans and peanuts as well as specific to each legume. Poverty, gender roles and environment are also discussed. The authors outline several areas for potential development for each legume crop.

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