While maize production in Indonesia continues to increase, the country remains a net importer of maize. This report details the maize value chain from producers through to processors and retailers, and identifies opportunities for future development activities for increased competitiveness and farmer income in Eastern Indonesia. Analysis was informed by interviews with key sectors of the maize value chain in West Nusa Tenggara, East Java and East Nusa Tenggara. Gender roles and environmental issues were also explored to ensure suggested changes to the value chain positively impact women and the environment. Value chain constraints identified include: lack of technical knowledge on crop management and post-harvest handling, limited knowledge of or access to improved maize seed varieties, lack of input credit to optimise maize returns per hectare, lack of facilities to effectively dry maize and monitor moisture content, and limited training and access to post harvest storage technologies. Market-based solutions and associated activities are suggested including farmer training and capacity building of value chain suppliers and service providers. The report highlights a number of areas for further research before any design or implementation of value chain interventions.

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