Demand for soybean in Indonesia currently exceeds supply. Based on a review of recent literature, Susilowati et al. analyse the decline in Indonesia's soybean and discuss efforts to ensure its future supply. Among the solutions proposed in this review are increasing production and substitution power (on imports) of domestic soybeans through rules and mechanisms of control over the existing trade system, and increasing the role of trade agencies and/or cooperatives such as KOPTI in the trade system. The authors highlight the important role of KOPTI in the soybean supply chain, but note the need for it to become more resilient to market conditions. Given the limited understanding of the institutional aspects and resilience of its businesses, further research is required to suggest practical solutions to strengthen KOPTI's role in the supply of soybean. While the scope of this literature review is limited, it presents a useful overview of key studies (mostly in Bahasa) on soybean in Indonesia, which is useful for practitioners engaged in value chain research on this important protein-rich commodity.

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