This study uses maize to examine the potential for increasing the income of coarse grain, pulse, root and tuber farmers and employment in East Java. The study focuses on the development of industrial linkages and market opportunities (feed, alcohol, starch and corn oil). Four surveys were conducted: a survey of village officials to identify a case study village; a household survey (n= 81) for socio economics; a household income survey (n=34) and a market survey (n=102). The report explores the maize market structure, the development of agribusiness and impacts on the maize market, maize quality as being critical for the development of industrial linkages, access to credit, and characteristics of the rural financial market. The author provides details on various considerations to improve farmer incomes, including development of agribusiness (improved quality and marketing, access to credit, implementation of local drying facilities), access to investment capital and standardisation of financial commodities, standardisation of maize product markets, improved access to accurate market information, development of mutual linkages between farmers, traders and agribusiness, and maintenance of land fertility.

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