This report provides a brief overview of pig production in Indonesia, in particular its significance in terms of pig exports and the predominance of smallholders. Government focus has been on both larger scale commercial production as well as significant support for smallholders through research and development, extension services, cooperative development and private sector provision of goods and services. The report provides details on investment priorities for the Indonesian pig industry. These include genetics (breeding programs and production potential), nutrition (feed ingredients), animal health (key diseases), housing and environment (pig housing and effluent considerations), product development and quality (impact of consumer demand and trends), reproduction (litter size), socio economics and technology transfer (smallholder production and extension approaches). The authors conclude that development of the Indonesian pig industry requires a research focus on environmental factors (encompassing climatic, structural, health, nutrition, cultural and social aspects) and socio economics and technology transfer to provide necessary support to improve smallholder production systems.

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