To leverage the EI-ADO and AIP-PRISMA (PDF 344 KB) investment, several supporting activities were commissioned by ACIAR, including an annotated bibliography and Farmer to Farmer (F2F) learning guidelines.

The annotated bibliography provides a comprehensive reference source documenting past research and development activities in agricultural value chains in Eastern Indonesia, encompassing 17 commodities and 3 cross-cutting themes.

The purpose of the F2F learning research activities was to improve farmer knowledge, skills and experience leading to change in practice and adoption of new technologies at a larger scale. It involved a literature review, a workshop with F2F practitioners and researchers, development of a set of principles, recommendations and examples of F2F learning activities that could be used by field staff and management, and two pilot activities to test these principles in the field.

All photographic images on this site were taken by the Collins Higgins Consulting teams during the EI-ADO project activities. Reproduction should note their source as Collins Higgins Consulting.