This report presents the findings of a scoping study to examine ways to increase the income of mango smallholders in eastern Indonesia as part of a supply chain. The analysis focused on researching issues in profitable supply chains, rather than identifying technical constraints. The findings reveal that current markets are heavily supplied with the Harumanis mango variety with little opportunity to develop new market opportunities in either export or out of season markets in other areas of Indonesia. The study also shows that it is possible to extend the mango season through early flowering, resulting in a longer season for the same production and thus increasing prices for farmers. Furthermore, there are good out of season export opportunities for the Gedung gunci variety, however national capacity needs to be built to develop access protocols in government. A full assessment of export issues and opportunities would also need to take place. Appropriate production technologies such as bagging and post-harvest fruit fly treatments could also improve quality, especially in the context of developing export capability.

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