This report summarises the conceptual framework of an industry development plan to improve seafood smallholder welfare. It identifies the opportunities and constraints to growth of the South East Sulawesi seafood value chain as variability in supply chain characteristics across locations and products, disproportion in the share of through chain value, lack of post-harvest value adding, high costs and limited capital, technical knowledge and market access. The authors provides recommendations for an industry development plan including a 3-5 year pilot to trial market chain strategies through concurrent case studies on seaweed, grouper, lobster, sea cucumber, abalone and pearl oyster supply chains. Recommendations also highlight what these case studies should feature such as development of village-based associations (farmers, fishers and local traders), value chain champions, regional marketing and investment strategies, a communication system for market intelligence, a technical advisory group for research, development and extension, a draft management plan and development and demonstration of better management practices.

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