The competitive advantage of Indonesian cocoa production has been threatened by poor and inconsistent quality. This report includes a desktop analysis to identify the key issues impacting on the cocoa value chain and details proposed interventions to benefit cocoa production, quality and smallholder income. Field visits were undertaken to identify the issues facing smallholders and potential collaborators for intervention. The following key interventions were recommended: farmer training programs in pest and disease management and post-harvest handling and quality issues with a training target of 20 000 farmers over 3 years within the provinces of South, Southeast and West Sulawesi; and establishment of a price premium paid to smallholders for export grade cocoa through direct market linkages and partnership with a key exporter and US based cocoa bean processor. The report also summarises potential areas for leveraging and collaboration with various cocoa stakeholders as well as various training delivery mechanisms. The authors detail guidelines for implementation of the recommended cocoa interventions.

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