This reports presents a profile of the beef and live cattle industries in Indonesia, including production, food marketing channels and distribution, meat processing and the retail sector, consumer trends, and live cattle and beef imports. Research involved collection and analysis of secondary information and interviews with value chain participants in 2010. Morey briefly summarises the main issues facing beef production as: minimum private sector investment (except for fattening), lack of economic incentives to develop the cattle industry and lack of sufficient cattle feed during the dry season. The author also observes that food consumption is the largest household budget component, modernisation of the retail sector offers growth opportunities, distribution of perishable products across Indonesia's islands remains challenging and imported boxed beef is the cheapest source. Live cattle and boxed beef imports to meet domestic demand prompted government interest in accelerating growth of the industry towards self-sufficiency. Programs to assist self-sufficiency are documented in the report, along with the challenges. The report outlines proposed government policies and potential impacts on Indonesian beef and live cattle imports and trade with Australia.

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