This study encompasses profiling of the Edamame supply chain management, analysis of value adding and performance at each part of the supply chain and concludes with recommendations to improve performance of the supply chain. The report includes a generalist literature review focusing on management, performance and added value analyses of perishable product supply chains and specifically outlining Edamame characteristics and production data. Primary data was sourced through in- depth interviews with supply chain participants and secondary data from a desktop analysis. The paper outlines the Edamame supply chain roles and responsibilities, mechanism of interactions and risk profiles. Case study analysis of a West Java Edamame supply chain was discussed in terms of added value to farmers, processors and retailers. The supply chain processor, received the highest added value (24% for packaged, 28% for unsorted Edamame), approximately 50% of farmer groups had negative added values and retailers received 10-20% added value. Performance analysis of suppliers compared farmer financial (revenue and production costs) and operational (quantity, quality and on-time delivery) performance. There was also discussion of the managerial implications to improve supply chain responsiveness and efficiency.

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