This paper reviews the current status of Bali cattle in Indonesia based on national and regional statistical records and research and subjective information from government and university officers and farming groups in the regions where Bali cattle are produced. The research found that Bali cattle are the predominant beef cattle in the Eastern Islands of Indonesia, amounting to around 80 per cent of the total 2.95 million Bali cattle in the country. Overall numbers have declined in three of the last four years, which is believed to be a long-term trend. The annual calving rate was found to be a moderate 52-67 per cent, but calf mortality varied from 8 to 48 per cent, which is very high. The paper concludes that there are opportunities for improving the declining population of Bali cattle by applying strategies that reduce calf mortalities, reduce the slaughter of productive cows, prepare and retain appropriate bulls in the herd, and improve the genetic base towards animals that grow and survive better than at present.

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