Strong international demand for specialty coffee from the District of Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, provides significant opportunities to improve rural incomes. This report provides an overview of the Sulawesi specialty coffee industry including key coffee producing districts, international markets for Sulawesi coffee, geographical identities and certified coffees. The authors detail factors of significance to any future development of the Sulawesi and particularly the Toraja coffee industries. These range from the comparatively very low yields of Toraja coffee (150-200kgGBE/ha) through to certified coffee, processing and cup quality, geographical authenticity, post harvesting processing and value adding, coffee varieties, pest and disease assessments and management, farmer organisation, market risks and price and value chain analysis. This information was based on discussions with various organisations and individuals involved in the Sulawesi coffee industry. The study recommends five activities for development of the Sulawesi coffee industry. These include industry wide partnership, socioeconomic research on farmer decision making processes, an effective extension service promoting sustainable management, improved understanding of the physical quality of Sulawesi coffee, and establishment of regional branding and geographical identities.

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