This report examines the main strengths and constraints affecting the profitability of the coffee industry in Flores, focusing on the two main coffee producing districts of Manggarai and Ngada. The report highlights a number of strengths and opportunities which suggest that Flores could develop into a specialty Arabica coffee origin, whilst further building the reputation of its Robusta coffee. In addition to the ideal coffee-growing environment, the report suggests that the established coffee-growing tradition within communities provides a good basis on which to develop a high value industry. Furthermore, the current combination of poor primary processing and lack of market understanding provide potential to quickly add value to this coffee. However, the authors identifies a number of constraints to overcome in order to capitalize on these strengths and opportunities. These include geographical isolation, a highly risk averse farm system, the need for infrastructure improvements, and lack of knowledge about market opportunities and technical requirements for quality improvement and value adding. The report contends that creating a world class speciality coffee origin could result in increased farm incomes for the estimated 75,000 families currently involved in coffee production.

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